Me time…

Is there something known as Me time in your dictionary? Well you certainly need to include if it is not there.

What do people do to find this me time… Few of them crib that they dont have this time, few of them boast having loads of it and would want little less of it or few dont believe in it.

Me time is not only for reflections, introspection, criticism, prayer… it can be a lot of things. It can be “things I think I would have done better if I had more time for myself”. It is a mirror of giving yourself a chance to prove to yourself that you have done/achieved/over-committed  it.

I have a simple funda, we crave for such things when we dont have a clear understanding of what they mean to us. Me time for me is calling the pati at 7.30 pm and telling him that “Me” time has begun and his work is eating a part of it. It is also going to Egg factory once in a fortnight by myself and read a book. Or just standing in the balcony and staring at the sky.

Here are a few pointers on finding the so called ME time:

  • Clear your head and think out loud as to what is this ME time for you.
  • Ask your friends [real ones, not the ones who would make fun of you when you ask this question]
  • Make a list of things that you want to do in free time.
  • Find a time where you are most creative throughout the day. A time frame say early evening, noon etc.
  • Dont over think about things. This might sound very Self-help-book-kind but it is true. By doing so you are killing a part of your brain to do things that are not needed.
  • Welcome any help that comes to you to manage kids/house/routine stuff. [Only as much as you need to really do things on point no 2]
  • Do pranayam for atleast 15 min. This shall unclutter your mind.
  • Try not to feel guilty for skipping some of the routine stuff. You cannot do the same things everyday.
  • Travel is a good time to find this time too. Try to look out for a all boys/all girls getaway once a year [at least]
  • Keeping up with a hobby no matter what is taxing at times but it is a great way to unwind. 🙂

More on this soon.




6 thoughts on “Me time…

  1. I sure have to add the workout in MY time ASAP.
    nice sweet post 🙂
    And cute is the call to pati about ME time.
    I do that to boyfriend every weekend to remind him he is supposed to be with me !

  2. Babe, I agree with and have actioned most of your items a few years ago (with age comes wisdom, eh?!) But the overthinking part of life is actually harder to let go than most others. And not only does is make your me-time negative, but actually brings down quality of life. I certainly haven’t stopped doing it, but consciously try these days to feel less guilty and over think as minimally as poss!

    Have you tried the all-girls holidays? Ain’t it fun? 🙂


  3. me and my buddies have been planning one all girls thingie for so so long … dont know when is it happening… and chatkhor is in a way my me-time space 🙂

  4. Thanks for dropping by at my blog.
    You have an interesting blog.

    For me “ME Time” used to be time that i spent for things i loved, whether it was going shopping on my own, taking up a painting class, or just going to have a walk. But interestingly after having a baby, and have been working full time now my ME Time even includes my lil Bun. Having a pleasure to get to spend time with him and having him all for myself…lol.

    Funny as i see lots of mothers trying to find ME time by managing to have relief of mom-duty. I think main reason is that i only get limited time with him and when i get, if someone just lets me with him without tensions of what for dinner, what about dishes, what for this and what for that… just having a stressfree time watching him learning n showing a new trick is also relaxing to me. May be because i am a first time mom and may be as my lil Bun is not even one yet ! We will see.

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