Letters of Rant #1

I have been so inspired by Monica’s Letters to Random People that I decided I need a tag for this on my blog too. 😀 So here I am with my Letters of Rant aka LoR.

What would this be…well can be anything under the sun. Subzi wala, online marketing wala, citibank personal loan lady, HDFC credit card man…ANYONE.

Here is my first LoR#1

Dear Uneducated-loathsome-IT-Someone-from-my-building,

I was right behind you to get into the lift and you let the list shut on me. Huh… I needed 15 seconds to get in the lift and be transported to level 7.

What additional effort would it have taken to put your hand near the lift door that has sensors to not shut the door on people. I had to wait for good 10 min for the damn life to come down all the way from Level 11.





8 thoughts on “Letters of Rant #1

  1. Ohhh I know this person!! I am the other extreme who will keep the lift door open even for the infuriating person who will decide to have a 2 min chat with her hubby/friend/cat/dog all the while smiling at me and not indicating that I can LEAVE!

    1. Same here..I stand there feeling like an idiot while the ungrateful person never acknowledges the fact that I am waiting for them. 😐 Huh

  2. This and the people who press the up and down buttons both on their floors when you really are in a hurry to leave for the office 🙂

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