The Ten P’s

If you are familiar with an MBA Marketing Proff’s jibber jabber, you would have most certainly heard the 10 P’s of Marketing.
1. Price
2. Promotion
3. Place
4. Product
5. Process
6. Packaging
7. People
8. Partners
9. Perception
10. Performance

A fleeting thought about them while reading an article gave me an Idea to write my 10 P’s aka 10 P’s of Piinksocks’ Life. πŸ™‚ Interestingly enough my pen name and the name I was born to start with P. Makes my life easier to think of the remaining 8. So here I go.

I am doing this like a tag. The people I tag here shall have to do the similar tag with the first alphabet of their name.

Ten P’s of My Life.

Pinksocks- Such a loyal pen name this one has been. Defines who I am. I hate to see my feet get dirty because of the dust hence the socks and I love nice warm yet bright colors like pink. Voila. πŸ™‚

Priya- She is my baby sister who is all grown up and I have not much to add here now. I miss the charm she had as a kid of the family.

Poonam- The mataji [As my phone calls her] is beacon of hope of my life. She has stood against all odds and that lesson made me a stronger woman.

Pati aka Parthiv- He is my bestest friend. A random nod from him across a room filled with people gives me the blush.

Punctuality- I am punctual, when I am supposed to do things all by myself. However whenever there is a pati-sitting involved, I invariably get late. I have always been a punctual person. I used to be the first one to reach birthday parties [much to the embarrassment of the host who was not even ready to receive me], school events, dance class and even weddings. On my last trip to Coorg I realized that being punctual is actually a punishment. You land up feeling lost and alone.

Proper- I hate to be inappropriate. So much so that I start apologizing the moment I feel I have crossed a line somewhere.

Poignant- Oh I am wuss when it comes to emotional syaapa in my life. I can feel bad for things that touch a sentimental chord. Phew… I am aware of my emotions and am proud of them.

Porous- I think I have that ability to soak it all in. I am not very good at letting out what I feel. I need to poked till the time I can no longer keep it in. I might feel bad about something that happened few months back. I shall park it in some box of the brain and it shall stay there.

Poor Memory- It is very ironic when compared to the statement I made above but I can prove it. I might not remember the event but I remember how I felt when it occurred. This P has made me infamous for not being able to be mad at the pati for more than 30 sec. I just dont remember trivial events.

Possessive- Of all the worldly possessions that I have, I am most attached to my ellu. Well he might be just a soft toy to someone who has never had emotional attachment with one.

So there we have the 10 P’s πŸ™‚

I tag the following bloggers- Monica, Tanu, Aparna G, Uma and Aparna J



9 thoughts on “The Ten P’s

  1. College me marketing lessons pe soti this isliye aapne wapas yaad dila di..:) but I guess your 10Ps are very similar to mine…almost Pati and emotional syaapa rule the roost. πŸ˜‰

  2. Punctuality, poignant and proper, I’m these too πŸ™‚ Phew! now need to think only about 7 more..*yippeeeees…help!*
    On second thoughts, thanks a bunch Pallavi for the tag..might as well use this to break the jinx in the New Year πŸ˜‰

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