I want to be a postman

Remember Malgudi days?


Whenever I used to see an episode where there was a postman who used to read out letters to the village folk, I wanted to be that person. 🙂


The thought was deep rooted with my dadi’s profession in the Indian Army. She used to translate letters for the Soldiers. She knew Persian, Urdu, Hindi, gurmukhi and English. Of what I heard from her, the soldiers never really got the real letters when they were on the field. They got the gist of it in a line or two in an emotionless fashion. However once they were back from the barracks, they got to hug the letters they got from the families, friends and loved ones.

Would it not be lovely to use your education for something like this?

Is there something similar that you wanted to do as a child? If yes then you are not a weirdo 🙂


5 thoughts on “I want to be a postman

  1. A beautiful thought. I wanted to be a paramedic for the longest time possible and in the end realized I did not have the scientific or medical bent for it 😛

  2. such a few word, yet so eloquent. touched a deep chord there! i wanted to be a rock star,, among many other things (except that i cant’ sing to save my life)

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