Baal Shaal and all that

Remember the days when you have to step out even when you are almost a bear. I have quite a few of them as I miss the parlor appointments more than often. I am running out of excuses as well.

What kind of woman has hair on arms and legs? Well the working woman with one hand in the kitchen, one in the office, another one in the closet and if she had one more she would fit it aptly around the house to make sure it does not crumbles.

Why is there such an expectation for women to be all well shaved/waxed all the time. It is painful, sticky/foamy and time consuming. Give us a break. While a few women might love their parlor routines, I am certainly not the type. I am the make-it-vanish-soon-so-that-I-can-get-out-of-here kinda girl.

Infact the pati always felt that women dont have hair growth. He might have not encountered the punjabans of my kind. We have thyroid and are sadly bear-ish. Deal with it. 🙂

So no more I wish I had opted for hair removal days for me. The pati is doing just fine ignoring my grizzly bear days while I also be careful to not make him go through the pain of seeing one too often 🙂

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