Friends are like an Orange

I was eating an orange at work and it struck me how friends are similar to an orange.

  • If I don’t pick the right “brand” of orange it is bound to be so sour that I would not be able to manage the first slice itself. — Picking right friends is more important than struggling with the wrong and ungrateful ones.
  • The orange peel is very wicked. Don’t be fooled by it. It can clean you eyes with a squirt or make a face pack base once dried or even be candied peels — These are the toughest friends that you have in life. They are multi purpose but beware…for tough jobs only.
  • Once you tackle the peel there are lots of tiny threads intertwined between slices. They may or may not be pleasant for all. I hate them for sure. But they are really well connected and protect the orange. — Oh these are the more sensitive ones that we have. They are adorable and mushy 😀
  • The Slices are not equal. Phew. — Well who says friends are easy to be with. They need lots of tacking as well. Different tempers and points of view.
  • To add to the misery to unequal slices, there are seeds in the orange that can be very fine or fat like a cardamom. — These are the monsters withing each of these friends. We never asked for saints, did we? 🙂

Thank you my lovelies for falling in one of the category atleast.




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