Marathon Bloggers and me

Day 31- Marathon Blogging

Today we shall play Meet the bloggers I met through this Marathon blogging. πŸ™‚

Idea was proposed by Monica she blogs here, here and here. I know her from Twitter and she is a darling friend. She is a baker, a mother, a loving friend, a dutiful daughter and an aware citizen.

We then have Gypsy momma who blog here. She has an awesome Calvin and Hobbes header it was decided in my head that I am going to love anything that comes out of that blog.

We then have a caring mother Aparna who blogs here and here. She has a really big heart and loves her kids to bits. I learnt to appreciate the things I have from her blog.

I then met Nidhi who blogs here. She wrote about awesome gifts under a single dollar, things to take care of when the child is home alone…in fact her blog is all about life with kids on a day to day basis.

Oh Shubha… made us see such awesome places through her pics and posts. She blogs here. She wrote an awesome story here.

Then there is Swati. This girl really makes me smile. She is food lover and loves life too. She blogs here. Her food makes me drool. She has a knack with words too. Just full of life. πŸ™‚

Uma blogs here. Her post about Guilty as mothers made me appreciate my mom. It got me a little scared too. She wrote about all sorts of stuff Life of Pi, Siblings, Joy rides and bucket list. She has a lovely blog.

Mandira blogs here and here. First time I noticed her was when how we wrote about our Granny on the first day of the BM. She is photo blogger too. πŸ™‚

Bharti’s blog is full of so many things that we should be thankful for. She blogs here and here. Christmas, stars, gifts, daughters… it just brightens your day.

Biju sahib is a genius with the camera. I absolutely adore his point of view [Literally and figuratively].

Oh then there is the blog love queen, Simran. She blogs here and here. I relate to her a lot. She has an uncanny ability to write about the things that one parks away in the remote corner of the brain. She has a beautiful home too πŸ™‚

Oh Jane…you have one heck of writing skill. It is bright and has a spark. She blogs here. You might want to read about her copyright cake πŸ˜‰

Archana blogs here and here. Her post about a mother trying to calm herself, her Gujarati cookbook story and Oh her routine. She is super mom for sure. Her food blog is brilliant and of course a benchmark πŸ™‚

And the girl with this blog is a future pet that I know I would love to have and keep. Aparna is a happy go lucky, charming, beautiful girl in her mid 20’s. She has the maturity that goes beyond her years yet she has the ability to marry the kiddo in her to the maturity and become this kick ass person that I love.

Oh Prats… I love to read your thoughts. She blogs here and here. She writes poetry and some very intriguing posts. What I love about her blog is that they make me nod at every single post in agreement.

Reah is an artist. She blogs here. She has an awesome sense of colors and designs. I would love to have a few of her great things in my house one day.

“A” brought back memory of school game Sitolia. She blogs here.

Trish blogs here. She writes so beautifully about her daughters and their life as they grow up together. Tirsh is certainly growing with them as well. She makes me want to have daughters too. πŸ™‚

Amit ji writes in HINDI too. Oh I so love reading devnagri. He blogs here and here. he is looking forward to write a book soon. I wish him good luck always and hope to meet him soon sometime.

Chanda aka A yellow pencil started a public blog for this BM. I know her from Twitter and I am awe of her. She is a very beautiful person. Has a big heart and loves even the smallest of things in life with all her heart. I love ya Sweetie.

Meera πŸ™‚ Can I tell you I love your name a lot. She blogs here. Her Girl Guide post took me back to school. It was so heartfelt.

Sirisha blogs here. She has most myriad thoughts just like me….random. πŸ™‚

I met S at a baking workshop. She has a beautiful Artsy blog here. She loves her Darling daughter P. ❀

Oh the chef I met here. Aaron blogs here. He is intelligent, talented and little child like πŸ™‚

Appu blogs here. She writes whats on her mind. You MUST read what she has to say.

Gauri blogs here. She cooks wow some food and also writes excellent posts.

And then there is me contributing my bit to the blog that I had abandoned. Today I want to promise myself a 5 days a week contribution to the blog in 2013.

Thank you guys for making this BM surreal. God Bless.

This post is part of Day 31 of TheΒ Marathon BloggingΒ event.



11 thoughts on “Marathon Bloggers and me

  1. Smiling as I read through this :). Pink socks shall have a completely different association for me now – from just “cute” to “Pallavi and her blog” now ;). May we all stay in touch!

  2. such a lovely post, Pallavi! and what a shame, I missed reading this earlier..:-(
    thank you for all the mention…it just warmed the cockles of my heart :-)))))))

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