Best of the worst 2012

Day 28- Marathon Bloggers

We had a choice to do a best/worst of 2012 for this Saturday aka today. I decided to do the best of the worst of 2012.

Lets start with the Movies.

  • Joker- It was by far the most pathetic movie that I have seen. Apparently Akshay Kumar’s 100th film, lacked everything. Story-screenplay-brains…. arrgghhhh the worst way to spend 50 bucks for a showcase movie.

Source: Google

  • Aiyyaa- Rani Mukherjee starrer film did nothing to bring up the lame screenplay. Only eye candy was the belly moves from the bong babe. “A woman who sees her life as a Masala-movie goes on the hunt for her dream man.” Says IMDB

Source: Google

  • Son of Sardar- I guessed its fate from the time I saw the trailer and the “oh-look-this-is-our-funny-dance-move” song.Β  “Returning to his parents’ village, a man becomes the latest target in a long-standing family feud.” Says IMDB

Source: Google

  • Agent Vinod- Or travel agent vinod. Apart from the neat suit clad Saif and great visuals of the places where the movie has been shot, this was a waste of money. “A series of seemingly unconnected events across the world leads to Agent Vinod undertaking a globe-trotting mission to discover why his colleague was murdered.” Says IMDB

Source: Google

  • Bol Bachchan- Few neat punches from Ajay the movie is full of confusion and over acting.

  • Cocktail- I am sorry but apart from the songs and the awesome background score the movie didnt have much. A sorry figure was cut of the much independent Veronica who attempts to be Meera to get the love of an Indian boy with loose values.

Source: Google

  • Agneepath- The gore-ish blood scenes, the black scenes and more over the giant Sanjay Dutt were just too scary for the screen. Rishi Kapoor was Loved the music but the original story was just not justified.

I guess people would like to add Ek Tha Tiger to this list too..I didnt have the heart to write about Sallu bhai πŸ˜›

Best of the worst Songs of 2012

Channo that ghastly looking Veena Malik song.

Poon pooon ppooonnnn from Son of Sardar.

Mala Jau de from Ferrari ki Sawari.

Cant think of more things for now 😦

This post is part of Day 28 of The Marathon Blogging event.





One thought on “Best of the worst 2012

  1. hahaha … kill me.. i didnt even know there was a movie called joker πŸ˜€ and aiyaa mujhe theek laga tha πŸ˜› .. main aisi bandi hun.. jiske liye movie ya good hote hai ya awesome πŸ˜›

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