28 things that spice my life

Day 28- Marathon Bloggers

28 things that spice my life-

Why 28? Because I turned 28 in 2012.

  1. A sinful dessert
  2. Pati
  3. Ellu
  4. Fabulous group of friends
  5. My BB
  6. A cup of green tea
  7. A great book
  8. A comment on the blog
  9. Earrings
  10. The Pink mug that I take to office
  11. Flowers in the house [including the loo]
  12. Waft of buttery goodie in the oven
  13. Cards that I get on Birthday
  14. 3 knocks on the door from the pati when he is home
  15. My cookbooks
  16. The iPad
  17. A well written article
  18. A sensible discussion on a topic
  19. Fridge stocked with vegetables/fruits
  20. A pat on the back
  21. A random ping/text from a friend
  22. A thank you for a job well done
  23. When maid comes and leaves on time
  24. My effort to put the sindoor always right [its a ritual that I really enjoy]
  25. Staring at my solitaire
  26. A good film [even if I have seen it before]
  27. Days when my bag has always everything one might need [tissues, wet wipes, lip balm…]
  28. Hair bands [However my GF’s feel otherwise about them]

Do you have such a list yet??

This post is part of Day 28 of The Marathon Blogging event.



One thought on “28 things that spice my life

  1. Loved the list. What a wonderful way to enjoy little things of life.
    I particularly loved the sindoor one and three knocks on the door 🙂 🙂
    Lemme compose a similar list now 🙂 (Shamelessly stealing the post idea)

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