Of Sons and Mother In Laws

Day 27- Marathon Bloggers

Real or unreal, intentional or un intentional, Daughter in Laws shall always feel this strange friction with the mother in law when it comes to their son. Ours being a love marriage, there is a lot of onus on me to be the Gujarati bahu that my MIL had hoped to bring in the family.

Today out of the blue, the pati asked me, “Would I ever get to eat the punjabi stuff that you used to cook before the shaadi?” This he said while munching on Magh [Sprouts tempered gujju way], Methi ni Bhaji na Bhajiya [Methi leaves steamed dumplings] and water melon for breakfast. This got me thinking that I really have not made any punju food off late.

It is fine to give one self fully to learn a new cuisine, but to give into the pressure to do so to be a good Daughter in law, is that justified? MIL’s need to curb the disappointed feeling that they might have  towards the D-I-L. The kind of person I am, I take such things to heart. I have matured from making joke about the Gujju kadhi [I used to call it a kadhi that can also be a dessert] to actually making a kick ass one and relishing it. I make handvos, dhebras, bhajiyas, bhakris, rotlos, muthias and the like… I certainly have come a long way.

However sometimes when I get to hear “Oh yeh nahi banaya, <insert pati name> ko bahut pasand hai.” I frantically start looking for a recipe online and try to make it within next few days. To tell you frankly, my head works in gujju direction when I need to think of a menu. Sheesh I really need to learn how to get a grip on this one. I used to cook kick ass punju stuff, must not give it up #notetoself.

This post is part of Day 27 of The Marathon Blogging event.





4 thoughts on “Of Sons and Mother In Laws

  1. hmm..a tough subject..the relationship between the mil and the dil is always very delicate, You can always alternate between the cuisines so that you are the queen of both 🙂

  2. I agree.. you should cook punju stuff and invite me please 🙂 … Sharing a kitchen between MIL and DIL…. delicate… just like sharing the bathroom between the husband and wife..:)

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