My 2013 Bucket List

Day 22- Marathon Bloggers

Bucket List 🙂 I want to keep it realistic for now. Hence 10 things I want to do in 2013.

I shall deserve a Chullu bhar paani wali dhamki if I dont achieve everything atleast 75% of all that I write here today.

  1. Kick start The Lantern Kitchen.
  2. Read 51 books
  3. Organize stationery donation drive
  4. Finally take a break with the pati and go on our Honeymoon
  5. Take a holiday with the girlfriends.
  6. Make a cake from different countries across the globe
  7. Reduce the “number of friends” on the Facebook
  8. Review 21 restaurants
  9. Visit 5 cities to indulge the tastebuds.
  10. Fit in a size L after a LONG time.

This post is part of Day 22 of The Marathon Blogging event.




10 thoughts on “My 2013 Bucket List

  1. hahaha – reduce the number of friends on Facebook – I am going to watch you 😉
    Lantern Kitchen! – yes I want to know too…what’s that…and yes the size part…I am with you…determined this year

  2. Thats a nice list..adn the trip with girlfriends you have to do ..its fun. I just did that and ticked off one from my list. And honeymoon…cmon now , plan one and GO girl..

  3. Pallavi, can help with one of them at least. I’d lost my reading habit, and re-joined Eloor Library – teh city’s oldest and bestest – and ever since (for the last 7 years) – have been reading a book or 2 a week. So your 51 will happen. If you don’t know where Eloor is, I can inbox you

  4. Good idea from Jane there about the library, or if you want Kindle books I can help you there ;). Loved the list, but I hate that you have kept it so short and sweet while I seem to have written elaborate stories :O !

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