The Prick

Day 21- Marathon Bloggers

Why did I get that tattoo? Why did I not have a plan as to what I want to get? Did i have a vision of what I want? Did I have 2nd thoughts? How to trust the place you are going to get your tattoo from? Is the artists contribution to the design always right? Should I listen to my instinct and decide to get it done another day? How was the first tattoo experience? Alright. Questions sorted. Phew…that makes work easier. πŸ™‚

Here you go my lovelies who want to get the prick but need first hand info before making the jump.

  • Why get the tattoo?

It is a very personal thing really. I wanted to celebrate the fact that I got married to a wonderful friend hence I just got it.

  • Do you always have to plan as to what you want as a tattoo?

it did not work like that in my case. I went there to window shop got out inked. I asked a friend as to where did she get her tattoo from. That friend is Tanu. She blogs here and tweets here. Dark Arts was the place.

About what I wanted, when I was asked this question I didnt take any time to say that I want my pati’s name on the nape in Hindi. It threw them off board as they had not done a hindi one earlier. I got on to google and gave them the script. The artist there then designed it very well. I loved it. Now I wanted puppy paws, a whisk and bowl in it too. He again looked at me and said, “Why dont we start with this one and figure out the tiny ones around it later.”


  • Did I have 2nd thoughts?

TO be very frank I had gone there soon after an interview and I didnt know better. It was a thursday and pati was away at Mysore. I was getting this tattoo almost 35 km away from home and had to drive back too. Of course I had second thoughts. I told the artist that I shall get it done on Saturday. But after seeing the design I could not resist myself. I was in love. I asked him how long would you take to put it on me. He said 20 min. I said, “Let me go and get the cash.” Tadaaaa

  • Trusting the place you are going to get inked from.

The industry works on word of mouth. If you see a great work on someone just ask where they got it from and there you have it. Read about the artist online a bit. Also remember not everyone’s review shall be the same. But same way it works for the places we go to eat. Just keep the faith and keep telling yourself that I am at the right place. Talk to the artist and take your time. They are very patient.

  • How was the tattoo experience?

Make sure the place you go to has a jar full of candies and an Air conditioner. The size of the room might be really small but it really does not matter. The trace is placed on the place where it shall be inked. You need to check the alignment etc for your satisfaction but the guy doing it knows better. Since I got it on the nape, he told me that the pain wont be much but the jarring sound of the machine might get to me. The pain is generally like a slightly pointed needle running with a constant speed and pressure. The first prick is ticklish but then comes the tough part. Your BP might drop a little as he continues. You shall sweat and get chakkars. He shall keep asking you are you okay, feeling anything? Be true and tell. They have a remedy for it all. Just remember why are you getting inked and you shall sail through. πŸ™‚ For the drop in BP issue, they put the A/C to the max and give you some candy and water. It works like magic. They let you take a break as long as you want and shall resume only when they see that you are fine. Never try to show to them that you are perfectly fine to take the tattoo. No one is. We all have diff reaction levels to it. After it was done and you see it for the first time, you shall be thrilled like a kid and would be very proud of yourself.

I was given a post tattoo care card. I had to wash it with baby soap, apply a medicated powder on it. Actually, here is a pic of the card for reference πŸ™‚

tattoo care

Listen to your heart and go for it πŸ™‚

This post is part of Day 21 of The Marathon Blogging event.




4 thoughts on “The Prick

  1. Ha ha, well written!! I got mine in the US and they were also very clean, quick and efficient. Like you said everybody feels differently. I did not feel any pain or low BP or sick or anything. All I felt was the same amount of pain when we get a prick for a blood test, every time the needle touched the skin. And it wasn’t a continuous touch the guy first created an outline of the letters then filled them in with pricks. So not much pain and yes they did give instructions for post care which helped! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh I loved reading this one. I’ve always had a “small” desire of getting a tattoo, but don’t know if I’ll ever have the guts. Love the heart tattoo Rachel gets in F.R.I.E.N.D.S :).

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