Of the Tattoo

Day 20- Marathon bloggers

I got inked on Feb 3, 2012. It was something pati and I were always talking about but never had the courage to just go and get one. I surprised him by getting it before him. I got it on the nape because I know he had my back all the time. And it is in Hindi because it is beautiful language and it truly defines the pati. Desi!!

Don’t have much to write today. Really shaken by the rape news. I have no thoughts for the first time.

Leaving you with a picture 🙂


This post is part of Day 20 of The Marathon Blogging event.




9 thoughts on “Of the Tattoo

  1. Cool. I can never get a tattoo. Not because of the pain factor, but because I keep changing my mind all the time. Getting permanently inked isnt a good idea for ppl like me!

  2. Yay!! I have a tattoo too, I have a tattoo too (imagine me singing in that sing song voice ok?) I have my husband’s name’s meaning in Chinese script on my left shoulder. He says “It could be anything, I don’t know Chinese!” I loved the script so I chose it 🙂 Looking fwd to your tattoo story!!

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