Did it really happen?

Day 19- Marathon Bloggers

Did your heart not race with fear when you felt me up when I was 8?

Did your heart not melt when your hand touched the pillow that was wet because of the tears that were rolling down my face as you were unbuttoning my night suit when I was 12?

Now you have twin girls 10 yr old and a 21 year old girl respectively. Should I laugh at destiny or pray to God that your daughters are safe?

I could never talk about it, let alone write. How did this come out then? The news of Shame in capital was slapped on my face last morning. It left me hurt and disgusted. Why are women objects? Why are girls not safe in weddings/home/with neighbors? What will cause all this to stop? Why do girls need to possess eyes like a hawk when they step out or are around men?

Even today if a random encounter of brush across  the butt occurs I break down and the tears do the talking. I am strong …I am strong… I am strong… is what I keep telling myself. I wish the scars heal sometime and I am able to forget if not forgive you.

I shall watch my child like an eagle looks out for its prey. I shall hear him/her very carefully and read the signs. I will not let him/her leave hints for the parents like I did.

I can only Pray to God that no child has a scarred childhood ever.

Also I am not looking forward to comments that tell me things could have been worse, there are even more bad people in the world, this is not so tough to forget… To each his own. It hurts. So dont say anything if you dont know how much it hurts.

This post is part of Day 19 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.




7 thoughts on “Did it really happen?

  1. I just want to hug you. That’s all! And tell you that I wrote about the same topic for tomorrow’s post. It hurts and I know is all I can say. But not more than that. Am not that strong yet!

  2. Tight hugs, Pallavi. We cannot be strong enough to take these in our stride. The world should not come to just cheering the women folk to stand up AFTER a nightmare. The nightmare must end.

  3. I will say something else. I will say that you should not lose hope. Because there still are some good ‘men’ out there. And yet, be on guard. Like an eagle!

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