Cooker, Kadhai and Kadchi

Day 14- Marathon Bloggers

One day the cooker, kadhai [wok] and kadchi [stirrer] in my kitchen started to reason with me. I felt a tad bit loony but then I gave in. What the heck talk to me.

They had their own rants. Some I bought with open arms while to others I decided to look away.

The cooker was tired of me trying to re use it after I make one dish. Seems he needed some cooling off time. Huh how the heck am I supposed to finish all that cooking at that pace. He gets the entire day to cool off in the utensil container after he has been washed. Anyway I tried to reason it out with him but he spat at me in spite. Meh so much attitude. I turned off the gas and decided to put him to pressure test under the tap of running water. Now we were talking. While the aalu matar was cooking happily on open fire in it the lid was quietly sitting in one corner.

The stirrer hid itself under the pile of spoons and whisks [Yes I am a whisk person]. After losing my temper on the maid, I got my hands on my most favourite kadchi. There is something re assuring about the utensils you love to handle. This particular kadchi has the perfect weight, length and spoon depth. However she had a rant too. I was spoiling her but putting it in masala for dal fry and aalu matar at the same time. “I dont have time for using 2 stirrers unless it is a drastically different sauce.” I happily continued. Well she was understanding and accommodated.

When I took out the kadhai to make some lemon rice, he just would not budge in to come out of the rack. “Heck who shoved you in so badly?”I asked.  He replied, “Your dutiful maid. She does not know how to arrange the utensils in me.” I was ashamed of the un-called for scratches on him due to the tussle. But well so is life. You are sometimes the statue sometimes the pigeon. In the maids defense I said “You have given her a hard time too with all those stains. Why cant you let go of them?” ,he kept mum. I also didnt want to trouble him as I had work to finish.

Just as I was done, I was putting the utensils away. They smiled at me and said so long my friend so long.

Kadhai’s are those people in an organization who have stuck around too long and have become slightly complacent. Stirrers are the office boys and Cookers are the co workers who just like to give you a hard time only to derive some sadistic pleasure.

So long my friend so long!!

This post is part of Day 14 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.




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