Day 12- Marathon Bloggers

I remember how mom used to put a glass of milk in the morning and evening for my sister and me. That changed when I moved out for college. I have been away from home since 2002. With that the habit to drink milk also went down the drain.

My mother in law tried to do that for me too but somehow I never picked that habit again. I do gulp the milk she pours but it is not the same.

Last evening I felt I was going down with cough and cold, all I could think of was some warm milk with some rusk and khichdi. I made khichdi in the afternoon and milk n toast was for dinner. Just like mom did.

It is strange how things you give up on come to you instantly when you are uncertain about things. You instantly run back to that comfort. Does that mean we are not strong? I would call it being safe than sorry. How many of us would love to gulp those antibiotics? I am not the one please. They make me feel more sick and drain my body. I feel de-hydrated and woozie.

Even if I promise my mom everyday that I shall drink that most important glass of milk, I miss the fact that there is no one to pour it to me like she did.

mom n us

Thanks Ma

This post is part of Day 12 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.



7 thoughts on “Milky-way

  1. That picture is so cute!! And get well soon. I so miss my mom, esp on days when I am dead tired and all I want is to be served hot food while I watch TV and tune out 🙂

  2. GEt well soon. and you’re right – the food you grow up with becomes your comfort food, and then you miss the comforter more than the food itself.

  3. true about mothers..I gave up the habit of drinking milk too once I got married..and yes, I hate antibiotics too and will take all the possible home remedies before heading out to the doctor’s or pharmacy.
    lovely pic..:-)

  4. love dat pic! i miss amma so much on such days.. i so wish she comes and give me that warm hug when iam asleep.. am sure she does.. moms and their ways.. even i have never been able to drink milk again… if only she cud have come back to push me again!

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