Of Methi, Palak and dhaniya

Day 10- Marathon Bloggers

Please dont think I ran out of ideas to write for day 10. Just that even doing the weekly leafy veggie cleaning inspires me.

I ordered all the 3 greens from bigbasket.com on Friday and have been waiting for the right “time” to do it. Well basically I have been too lazy to do it.

The 500gm methi packet was not only the hardest of them all it was super tiring too. While the palak had given up on me and surrendered. Had to throw almost half of it. The Dhaniya, well was okay. Managed to save some.

This got me thinking about relationships.

The relationships closest to us are like Methi. Bitter, healthy, scrumptious, last longer under tough circumstances and verryyy multi purpose. Thank you Methi people for standing by always.

The relationship we have with the extended family, people in our life we love to hate and the like yet they enrich our life with experiences and the hard time they give us to get rid of them when need be. These are palaks.

Well then there are superficial ones, ones that give out the most fragrance but might not necessarily add a lot of value in our life. Meet the dhaniyas.

Phew… that took sometime to frame those 200 odd words. πŸ™‚

This post is part of Day 10 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.




14 thoughts on “Of Methi, Palak and dhaniya

  1. oh..lovely analogy here..really nice..and then there are some people we take for granted like the curry leaves…they add much flavour but we don’t like them in our mouths πŸ™‚

  2. What a creative post that was :). Will surely think of the analogies when I’m cleaning them now, thanks for making that mundane task a wee bit more interesting ;).

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