Ugly Ducking, Not!

Day 9- Marathon Bloggers

The whole of my student life I have felt like an ugly ducking. I felt I was never good enough for the group that I was in. I covered that up by child like tactics, humor and Calvin and Hobbes.

Who gives the right to people to make others feel like that?

You never gave me the chance to eat with you because I did not have a magnet pencil box.

You never let me touch your precious little doll because I took a rick to school while you came in the 800.

You never let me stand in the first row of the dance sequence because your mom knew which string to pull.

You made me choreograph the dance sequence and you get to take the credit because I was too humble to make an issue out of it.

You spoke to me first to get to know my best friend because yeah that’s a classic one to pull on the ugly friend.

You rubbed your big foreign university admission letter in my face because I was standing in the line to get admitted to DU.

Your mother chose someone else for you over me because she thought we would not have beautiful children.

But guess what I am smart, intelligent, God Fearing, life loving, generous, modest, humble and more over thankful person who you did not get an opportunity to know.

I am proud to have a sister who adores me.

I am proud to have friends who look at me and what I stand for and not superficial things.

And I am proud to be wife to a man who puts me before himself, who is wise, kind and rational. I might not be the most beautiful [as in by looks] woman he deserves but I am his soul-mate.

Good Luck finding that Biatch!!

This post is part of Day 8 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.




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