When Friends Break Up

Day 8- Marathon Bloggers

March of 2009 I went on a trip of a lifetime. I went to Chennai to meet 2 of my most beloved friends who were working there. Lets call them A and S.

We met at the B School and continued to be there for each other through thick and thin. Life took us away to different cities and eventually distances began to hiss.

After series of stories and interesting twists and turns later, A and S dont quiet speak to each other. The trio had split. I am in the center like this

A > Me < S

I cant choose between friends. On one hand I have A who is more of a brother figure and S would have been my wife if we were gay. Arghhh Life!!

What exactly  happens when friends break-

  • You lose a part of you.
  • Your memories are scarred as they hurt.
  • The magic that used to be special for all of you just poof’s
  • One is not able to be a part of the special events of the other.
  • One cannot congratulate on the success of the other.
  • Once cannot wish well to the other in person.
  • Mail chains dont exist anymore.
  • Hearts break…. Nothing beats this. Period.

This is a pic of us in happy times. Now S is getting married in Feb and A shall not be there with me to hug her and cry.

I love you both my crazy monkeys. Even a thought of you makes me shed a tear. Life is very short… Patch up and bring us back to life.

andy subbu i

This post is part of Day 8 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.. The 1st week’s theme is Blast from the Past!


The brief was – Pick any photo from the past and write about the memory associated with it, it could be a picture taken during a trip, could be about a meal you can never forget, a dish that you are proud of, an event that is embed in your memory… So dig out your pictures and share some memories with everyone :)




9 thoughts on “When Friends Break Up

  1. This post makes me want to be back with a lot of people who’ve broken up with me or also some who I’ve forgotten down the line. Hope they patch up soon *hugs*

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