Maids and their Wrath

Day 7- Marathon Blogging

“Give the phone to Saraswati”, Worried me calls the maid at 7.30 am.

“Today absent.” Pat came the reply.

I had already soaked a few clothes for hand wash and there was thermocol around the house because of a package I received last evening. I had a cab on its way to drop me to work at 8.30am. I still had to fix lunch and breakfast, wake up the pati and find someone to atleast wash the clothes.

Saraswati is the 5th maid since Nov 2011 [When I moved into this house]. Is there something seriously wrong with me?

Maid 1- She came for 10 days and promised to come back to us when I return after my shaadi [In 4 weeks]. She never turned up. We really liked her 😦

Maid 2- She didnt know Hindi. Gave me cold stares and acted as if whatever I say is bull shit. [We exchange awkward silences in the lift occasionally] I asked her to let go of the work after 3 months of being tortured.

Maid 3- A chaalu Dilli woman who spoke Hindi with that typical accent. But she was damn neat. Neatest of them all that I have ever encountered. However she cleverly replaced her sister to work for me within 2 months.

Maid 4- The replacement maid. She washed clothes bad, she didnt turn them over while putting them on line, she didnt wash the soap off the utensils, never cleaned the kitchen slab, or bathroom sink. But she made some kick ass rotis at time of need and came to rescue when there were guests. But she left for her village without notice for 15 days. Argghh… Would a sane person NOT look for an alternate maid after a week itself? I did the same.

Maid 5- Awesome at almost everything. Helping me out since I have a broken toe, washes bathroom and balcony very very well. But she falls sick too often and wants to come at her own sweet time. I even offered to take her to Apollo clinic at my expense. I gave her expectorants, crocins and B-complexes so that I dont lose her.

To almost all maids, I make sure once in a while I give them tea with toasts. When I bake, I send away some stuff for their kids. The clothes I dont want to wear go to them [Even if they are crepes and Georgette.] Give them money, sweet box, clothes and gifts for kids on special occasions. I gave away notebooks and pencils for their kids. I am not counting all this to feel great, it is just a reminder to myself that I have done my bit and beyond. All this beyond the whooping sum they extort from us each month.

Why cant we get the same respect we deserve from them. Why wont they inform and take leaves? Why wont they be sensitive to a working couple who struggle at work Monday to Friday [Pati even works on weekends at times and travels 10 days a month]. Weekends we expect friends to come over or we go out or we are just too sleepy to get her in at 8 am 😐

I guess either we need Dummy’s guide on How to Deal with Indian Maids or training sessions for the maids.

Oh I am so tired thinking and writing about them already. Phew!!

God please please please give me a better tomorrow.

This post is part of Day 7 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.




12 thoughts on “Maids and their Wrath

  1. I hear you and we cant expect anything better can we. So the best we can do for ourselves is invest in gadgets and machines and it works wonders for me. Waching machine, dishwasher and dryer. And did i forget to mention i also invested in a 1700 scotch brite mop, that is simply fantastic. And firstly, though written last, I just dont rely on waiting for them, every single day I know my maid will not arrive and I am all prepared for a clean house and this after paying her 7k for 6 hours of work. hmmmmm… in deep thoughts

  2. Mumbai and all other metros going through the same phase and it is only going to be worse along the way.

    We all need to realize that with greater disposable incomes even the lower (working maids, drivers, all kinds of domestic help, dhoby, etc) classes start making more money and therefore the confidence to choose what works for them or not (much like a salaried person’s prerogative to switch jobs, look for better opportunities, etc).

    And all these people are getting educated themselves or their children go to schools, colleges which now makes it beneath them to work such jobs which demean them (much like most of us would feel about working those jobs and not for ourselves or our families… but for others to make a living).

    Education ruins and that is the truth. It tilts the scales towards balance and will usually tilt the balance in the favor of the weak/oppressed/underlings.

    However, 1 additional problem that India has but not most of the developed countries is:
    They have maid agencies who train all the domestic help for work, behavior, attitude, etc.
    These agencies also take care of the rights that they have including medical, personal and otherwise. They also guarantee replacements and if they all don’t work out, they inquire on the peculiar reasoning of why a maid/domestic help either doesn’t stay put in the job or the problem with the employer.
    Everyone is screened and the government is an active participant ensuring fair dealing for all concerned.

    In the absence of all the above, the only way for us mortals is to keep trying to establish a good, sound working relationship with them and hope for the best and to keep enticing them with bigger and better opportunities that they can gain.
    Another solution that some people take now is to employ underage children (boys and girls), treating them fairly, helping in their education which ensures at least that they stay put for some years.

    BEST OF LUCK to you and all facing the same problems and dilemmas.

    P.S.: Never for a moment think that you are the only one giving away stuff as usually the next person does the same and sometimes, what they give could be better than yours. LOL πŸ™‚

    1. Nothing can beat the crepes and Georgette. πŸ˜‰ However I do agree to your point. Lets be hopeful mortals and take one day at a time. Phew..

  3. I have always been blessed with good maids but have had painfully annoying cooks at the same time. Hope is all you can do with them. 😦 As far as the crepes and georgette are concerned my guy makes sure I am over doing things. Best of luck!

  4. Oh well.. my topic for today was going to be similar too, now I have to think of something else πŸ˜› !! It gets to the stage that when my maid (or rather her daughter) called me at 8 in the morning to say her mom wouldn’t land up today, I was relieved to at least get that hour’s advance notice!!! Otherwise there have been days when I’ll wait, and wait, and hope and wait… and finally get to doing the stuff myself… :(.

  5. This post is resounding with every one of us who’ve had these maidenning/ maddening problems. I’m always happier to see my maid in the morning than my hubby! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh my maid is never around whenever I am sick or I have to go out or Guests arrive! I am my best bet usually and I have come to the conclusion that I do a far better job most of the times. I hate unreliable maids and I always get the best of that group. Blesses are those who get good maids.
    I totally understand what you are going through and all I can say is you arent alone in it.

  7. Ahh , Aren’t we all in the same damned boat πŸ˜› I have a maid who sulks because i don’t give her coffee, the first thing in the morning, when she comes and i was told by her ,that on her first day of work that she doesn’t drink tea, only coffee.. sigh.
    They are like a necessary evil aren’t they? can’t hate em, can’t love em!

  8. And I come here to read this post just after my top maid announces that I might have to look for another one, because she’s not able to handle the 2 housesjobs owing to her health. She’s been with me for 4 years now. I understand the pain. Sometimes the trial error goes on for many months and then sometimes it just clicks. Be patient I would say

  9. Ha ha this is actually sweet sweet memory for me. I miss having a maid to cook and clean. I get a Spanish lady here once a week, she does a decent job but they are so bloody expensive and they have specific dos and dont’s

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