Noises in the office

Day 5- Marathon Bloggers

While waiting for the pati, I noticed the noises around my workstation. Damn they are too many. What are these people doing anyway?

On close observation, one notices the following:

  • Carroms clacking- The bunch of people here are mainly from the Admin and facilities team. Their “work” is done and are just not willing to go home yet.
  • Meeting place tones- What is the possible longest that you would wait in a meeting place where the host has not arrived? Max 15 min is my limit. Post this I drop a mail and wait for the other party to make it right. There is dude who is persistent.  He has been on it for the past hour or so. These are generally the ones who might have done something wrong in the project or are new to the team or are an enthu cutlet or are ball scratchers.
  • STD/ISD callers- Mostly during late evenings I find people chatting away to glory to STD/ISD numbers at office expense. Well that is something I look down upon. Misusing resources of the company who trusts you not to do such things reflects on the kind of person you are. These are mostly people from bahaar-gaaon and are misers.
  • Recruitment Consultant pets- There are also people who have their resumes floating on every portal possible. They keep getting calls for job hops/free lance. Yes they think office is the place to discuss career moves and no one is hearing/watching them.
  • Child Pacifiers- I respect mothers who stay away long hours from the family to earn bread. However every evenings is it important to baby-talk all your children one by one for an hour? Either get a huddle room or try to be home on time.
  • Rumor parents- There are people who would listen to half of this sentence and half of that and bring one office rumor to life. They would chat in groups of 3-4 in hushed tones and may/may not disperse with a loud laugh.
  • The burrrp-man- This person shall eat in the pantry and burp atleast 3 times. And not the small ones, big ones, ones that make your food come to your mouth and forcefully find its way to the nearest dustbin. YUCK!!
  • Speaker Lovers- There are people who shall NEVER take calls without speakers. No matter how much you stare, they wont care.
  • Accent diarrhea- When speaking to someone in US/UK, their accent shall have a funny tongue twisting. They shall sound absolutely different in these calls. Meh! Why?
  • Robot entry and exit points- The access gates appear to me as entry and exit points for IT coolies. I feel like a robot every monday when I drag myself to the floor. The ting [Punching in and out] and thaaak [Door closing] are very very prominent in a office of 150.
  • The juke box man- This person loves his music but shall not use headfones. Some music shall play at his bay all the time. I wont call him annoying but really I want to hear that all through the day? Nope.
  • Click clackers- These are people like me, who are busy judging every entity on the floor and writing about it. They are also the people who are stuck with sad documentation work that does not really use their skill completely. Again me.

This post is part of Day 5 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.



13 thoughts on “Noises in the office

  1. hahaha I so much relate to this when I did to work in the corporate carrier. So life hasn’t changed one bit I see 🙂 But thats what the new age offices encourage, we will pay all your bills and you please use the office the maximum time possible, yea? 🙂

  2. Lol…I can so identify myself getting bugged with all this and more happening around me- I also hate people who form regional groups at work. Also, I too am stuck with sad documentation work half the time 😦

    1. Dont get me started on the regionalism. I have been to team meetings in language I dont understand. Its only the MoM’s that rescue me.

  3. Haha.. some of this rings true… 🙂 A slight deviation from the speaker lovers, we also have loud talkers.. these are ppl who talk loudly to look all busy and important. Annoying.
    And we have the high heel walkers- women who wear heel that make tick-tock sounds on the floor.. so loud that it becomes a distraction.

  4. Lol I so identify with this post.. I especially find the speaker lovers annoying.. I myself was a headset lover.. People never knew whether I was working or taking a concall or talking to myself. Aah! life of an IT Outsourced Company

    1. Thanks for reading my mind 🙂 The pati didnt make sense of this post but I knew what was going on at the back of my mind. Change is in order.

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