99 Dosas and counting

Day 4- Blogging Marathon


Yesterday, since I am at the mercy of the pati to bring me back from work [thanks to the fractured toe], we were darn late to leave office.

I was starving as 2 chapatis and some subzi was my last meal of the day at 1 pm. We often eat off the street food vendors at Koramangala 100ft road. You shall be amazed to find the most amazing momo’s, gol gappas and 2 stalls of 99 dosas.

Why is there so much rush on these stalls? Is it the charm of eating under the tree? Is it the ingredients lined in a neat array for the easy reach and identification? Is it the 2 ladle full of dosa batter? Is it the “secret” spice mix which is orange in color? Or is it Asli Makkhan..Amul makkhan which is spooned generously on the dosa while it is being made?

Actually it is none of the above. It is the charm of getting to make a dosa of your own flavor that plays on human mind. Who would not mind their favorite things in one? Yesterday someone ordered a mushroom, baby corn, palak and paneer dosa. Seriously….you will eat THAT?

I have been a loyalist, I never try anything other than the things I like at the stall. I stuck to my matar masala and pav bhaji masala.

At the end of a day of hard work, what can be better than the choice of food you would like to devour. After living through the day under protocols, social networking, policies, procedures… Who does not need a welcome change?

99 dosas provide this feeling of freedom on choice, being in control and a satisfied tummy.

Dont be ashamed of making your own scary concoction at one of these places. You never know when the choices shut their eyes on you and all that shall be left is protocols, social networking, policies, procedures…

This post is part of Day 4 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.




8 thoughts on “99 Dosas and counting

  1. “mushroom, baby corn, palak and paneer dosa. Seriously….you will eat THAT?”

    Seriously you have that??

    I havent ever encountered such interesting dosas. May be Delhi’s boring. Or may be I haven’t discovered it fully. Mumbai used to have the Spring Dosa, a Chinese filling in the regular dosa and I used to be most amused by that. I want to dosa with the regular aaloos please, though I did try the spring dosa a time or two.

    1. yeahhh he can make anything out of any veggie you can think of. There were noodles there too. But the amount of vinegar he splashed on the dosa, my spirit took off.

  2. I like the sound of these guys, but have always been wary to try especially with the kids. Hearing a lot of good reviews though, so probably should check it out soon :). There’s a similar guy on Bannerghatta Road opposite Shoppers Stop I think.

    1. Not sure where at Indiranagar. But Koramangala is close by 🙂 It is on the same road as Mochas [next to that big park].Do do do try it 🙂

  3. I think I have been to a similar dosa wala guy in HSR Layout. And you bet it was yumm! Took my mom and sis along too when they were visiting. I love dosas and I am hungry right now so drooling at the mention of food. I should go eat my boring dinner 😦 Sigh dosas, I shall come back to India soon.

  4. wow….a custom dosa…sounds interesting. but I am one who sticks to the basic versions of pretty much everything even remotely food. I still stick to basic aaloo samosa or the basic plain aaloo masala dosa. i love innovation in food but not in favour of complete transition-cum-vanishing act of the real basic versions.

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