Solitaire and Chapatis

Day 3- Marathon Blogging


Today while working in the kitchen this morning, my new and my first Solitaire got stuck in the chapati dough. Yeah apart from my jaw dropping in my stomach, an idea struck me.

Everything beautiful must meet the ordinary.

Everything you hold as the most perfect thing in your life right now, must be brought down to its real meaning in your life.

By Just being an Expensive commodity, something cannot be treated more holy than the others.

We cant eat solitaires, chapatis come to rescue. All the time.

When you get something you have been yearning for, it might become the center of your life. Try not to take it to head, dont let it rule.

While you might be staring at the diamond, the chapati might get cold. But the chapati wont stop being there for you to quench your essential need.

Dear Solitaire, your time as the center of my life is over. Welcome to my life as a chapati.

Much Love


This post is part of Day 3 of The Marathon Blogging_Dec 2012 event.


13 thoughts on “Solitaire and Chapatis

  1. Lol!! ROFLing on “We cant eat solitaires, chapatis come to rescue.” True! And I learnt this lesson a while back to spend less on solitaires and more on chapatis πŸ™‚

  2. “Chapatis for a thought!” Personally, each time I long for something expensive, I buy it, wear it for a day and all the love is gone. Association matters more than anything else and food to me is much more than all my expensive things put together. Love how this Marathon has got me thinking and writing! πŸ™‚

  3. Pallavi, you have such a flair with words.. I continued smiling for a while after reading this one :). Shall remember if I see chapathis, or a solitaire ;).

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