Of Interviews

Interviews make me kinda nervous. I feel that I am being scanned and judged. Two things that top my list of things-I-hate.

Here are the traits of an Interview that make me uncomfortable:

  1. An un-informed recruiter- If the recruiter cannot give  me the confidence of the profile, how do  that expect me to give my 100%?
  2. A cheeky gakekeeper- Gate keepers are essentially the first people we greet and meet at the interview venue. If they are nasty and I-Hate-My-Job kinds, it makes me disappointed.
  3. A-Miss-Know-All-HR- Well well well dont we meet these more than often at workplace? No offense but I know how Interviews work, stop treating me like an kindergartener.
  4. An annoying job contestant- I know you have come here for the same job, that should not make you superior to me. I have no way to find out if you are telling the truth about your current or past job. So shut it.
  5. The-Can-You-forward-My-resume-guy- Well these guys,  IMHO mostly take your numbers/email I.D’s to stalk. I have a stalker of this kind  and he is wayyy too creepy. He got my number from somewhere and was reprimanded by the pati and me.
  6. The-Oh-I-Want-to-Know-you-interviewer- He just would want you chit chat all the time. He  has a lot of questions which may or may not be relevant to the domain knowledge.
  7. The-I-Know-More-Interviewer- These are essentially placed in an interview to make you feel small. They shall pick up only those points that you might have mentioned that you are not aware of. Nit pickers.
  8. The-Jolly-Senior-HR-Manager- She steps in to discuss the numbers.  Basically with a small sword to slice the number you quote them.

Aaah…the time you shall be reading this I shall be getting ready to attend an interview. Pray for  me.

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