Dear Dadi

Well I know we have not spoken in a while. Meh! Distance sucks. No connectivity, no phones, no direct route to reach you [unless it is painless].

I am sure you are keeping yourself busy by teaching the lot up there too. Did you start a school/college there as well? 🙂 You always had that spirit of educating, fighting, explaining properly, reading and praying.

But then I have a bone to pick with you. How come you have stopped speaking to me? How come I missed going to the Golden temple this year? How come I dont read/recite Japji sahib and Rehras sahib everyday? Did you find someone more worthy to love?

I have always been and will always be very proud of you. But just that you are such a big part of my heart that it pains to not have you around. Even though we dont even have a picture of us together, I picture us and the days spent at every step of my life. Your solid roots have made me what I am today. I hope I have such influence on my kids and grand kids someday.

Love to God and Big Hug to you.

Your History-hating-grand daughter

Pinksocks :*

This post is a part of Month Long #marathonbloggers 🙂


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