Who would not wait for the summers, the vacation, Rasna and squashes, the mangoes, the water parks, the RAINS and more over the television. Dont these things sound like a dream of an IT someone? Well yes they definately are.

10 Years back I didnt have any worry about the bills, savings, EMI’s.. All I knew was Dance classes, Kaala khatta, Mango, evening water fights on the terrace and Mom’s kulfi. Why did we have to grow up to become these grinch-a-likes. When did being fun becomes equal to pubs, drinks and weed?

Well not all things I hated about growing up 🙂 I got married to the love of my life and celebrated it with Pomp and show.

However one another thing that I love about growing up is the fact that I was allowed to use cosmetic and make up. In fact for my wedding my entire make up kit consisted of Lakme. From the all over simmer to daily foundation, from lip love to 9 to 5 , lotions and of course the kajal, metallic eye liners and never ending list of shades of nail paints.

One thing that always is in my purse/bag is SPF30 sun block. It radiates, hydrates and protects. I certainly have not stepped out without it for sometime now.

Yeah Lakme did help me become a big girl and recognized the needs of a working woman. Thanks Guys for not making me so bad about growing up. 🙂


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