I am: eccentric and lovely.

I think: I should let people in my life see what is really going on and stop pretending as if everything is okay.

I know: my friends love me a lot.

I want: to quit IT as soon as possible to open a deli.

I have: a very loving husband, a very cozy home and a sister who adores me.

I wish: I had better terms with my father.

I hate: forgery.

I fear: Death of loved ones..

I feel: very secure when I am with the pati.

I hear: rain.

I smell: flower-ish.

I crave: for a slimmer me.

I search: for books that have bright covers, and then review them.

I wonder: if the severed ties in the extended family shall ever be healed.

I regret: being taken for granted in the previous relationships.

I love: with all my heart.

I ache: to see old people on street.

I care: a lot at times.

I am not: at math, hate it.

I believe: life is both unfortunate and fortunate.

I dance: whenever I get an opportunity.

I sing: jingles

I cry: when I am unable to live up to expectations of the extended family.

I don’t always: try to bring things to finish. I get bored too soon.

I fight: when I know something is wrong.

I write: because it is one of things I love.

I win: when people I love win.

I lose: my temper on people who smirk at me.

I never: throw a stone at an animal

I always: share everything with the pati

I confuse: people by talking without punctuations.

I listen: to my intuition.

I can usually be found: on the dewan, in the kitchen or reading a book anywhere.

I am scared: of the house when I am alone.

I need: to appreciate myself more.

I am happy about: gettng the new job.

I imagine: the bad things first.


One thought on “I

  1. Wow… Amazing Post.. I loved this post… Full of I.

    Lot of “I” apply to me as well including “I want: to quit IT as soon as possible to open a deli.” 🙂 Now, I am thinking to make such kind of list as well 🙂

    Keep Writing…

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