Top 5 Things I love to do at the moment…

  1. Baking: I never knew baking would come naturally after I take one of sin-a-mon’s baking classes. It has been almost 2 months since the class and I am trying a lot of different stuff on my own. Owe it to you Monica. xoxo.
  2. Reading food blogs: I am reading a gazillion blogs by the week. THere is enough for anyone to learn the tricks of the trade and even come up with own food blog like this one.
  3. Compiling recipes: I have started to write my own collection of recipes which has my little additions/notes too. Trust me when I say this, I carry it everywhere, yes it is always in my bag 😀
  4. Experimenting: Well the benefit of getting married is that I have a guinie pig ready to be experimented on everyday. Well he is a foodie too and wants to be well fed. What more shall I ask for?
  5. The new job honeymoon: I recently shifted my job and am in the honeymoon phase. 😀 This has given me the time to do this aka blog 🙂

I tag anyone who wishes to take up mentioning what is going on in their life.

Dont forget to send me the link.




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