26 things I learnt when I turned 26 :)

  1. Friends are the greatest reality checks of one’s life.
  2. Always keep up with a hobby. [My recent one is to read weird articles]
  3. Never take drinks from strangers.
  4. Always trust your instincts.
  5. Make a meal that touches the heart.
  6. Help. Unconditionally.
  7. Love faithfully.
  8. Remember birthdays.
  9. Give gifts.
  10. Gift yourself flowers every weekend.
  11. Get a shoe, haircut, colour or dress that you JUST adore.
  12. Believe in God and strength of prayer.
  13. Smell amazing each day.
  14. Don’t mess with your meds. [yeah I have to take my thyroid meds everyday of my life]
  15. If you love/miss someone, call and tell them.
  16. Keep the kid in you alive.
  17. Learn to cook a new cuisine.
  18. Feel beautiful from within.
  19. Make someone laugh.
  20. Pretend to not know when someone is embarrassed at work y something.
  21. Learn the dialogues and sequence of your fav movie.
  22. If you cant deal with a few situations, leave them. [I cant deal with death, illness and et al.]
  23. Learn how to file nails and put nail paint properly.
  24. Keep smiling. It bridges gaps.
  25. Do things for your loved ones, remember them, pray for their health even if you are not speaking to them.
  26. Never swear in front of kids.

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11 thoughts on “26 things I learnt when I turned 26 :)

  1. Help.Unconditionally..!! bravo for this one..
    Im starting my list with that note.. thats a gift for myself on my 28th b’day..
    all of ur 26 points can make to my list.. that true and real they are..!!
    Best Wishes to you…!! :))

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