Kyon ho gaya na?

As one of the big day of my life approaches quickly, I am in awe of myself and the moments I have been through. Yes it is true we can never plan things ahead each time. The recent incidents in my life tell me a beautiful tale…

Tomorrow may not be mine; I still have today. Life shall not be mine; I still have a hand to hold today.

The feeling of being with someone for the rest of your life was scary when I was going through the Arranged marriage route. Fortunately my best friend and I baled each other out of it. I am more than glad to have him around, to have and hold, for richer or poor, till death does us part [Or onsite assignments in my case] 😛

I have been a believer in love, thought my heart bled 4 times previously. I just could never gave up on it. The major contributors were my sister, my other bestest friends Andy, Subbu and Nakul.

I could always go to them for a hug, a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on. Like one of my friends puts it aptly… There are 3 D’s in my life “Doodh, Daaru aur Dost”.

I have a couple of alphabets to add there, but Dost remains on the TOP.

I clicked with Parthiv only because we know each other too well as friends first. Let me sound all filmy because now I can afford to do it 😉 “Pyaar dosti ki pehli seedhi hai” 😛

We are glad to announce our engagement on the 20th of this month at Baroda.


10 thoughts on “Kyon ho gaya na?

  1. lovely!
    I’m a major believer myself. And I’ve told my best friend 🙂
    And he told me 2 years ago. And now we are working it out.. LOL am pouring out my story,
    cos you are a major believer in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

    All the best for your BIG DAY! 🙂
    and keep believing………………….. as you always did……… 🙂

  2. congratulations , celebrations …. Happy for both of you.. Wishing you both all the happiness n goodiness all throughout the life. \m/ … assihmaaanbava 😀 saada sukhi raho… puloo paalooo

  3. awwieeeee….just read ur blog….Congratulations my dear….God bless u both alwayssssss:-)))))))) Mere Parthiv and Pallavi:-)

  4. It must be most happy moment in your life..

    How I reach to this post? I read your post on “I” and then randomly moved to “Things I want to do before 2010 ends” and then “Aah the pain called Matrimony Profile”.

    In post “I”, you written “I feel: very secure when I am with the pati.” and so difference between these posts led me to search on “marriage” part. your writing style is so unique and hence unable to stop searching with some good humorous post and ended here..

    Beautifully described happy moments…

    Yah.. Liked “Randamosity :)” post as well…

    Keep Writing…

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