And I did it

Well this is the right place to brag about myself and my hardwork in the past month I have Hypothyroid hence gained A LOT. This is all what I did:

— Gym for an hr in the morning and an hr in the evening.

— Effectively for 40-45 min treadmill broken to 30 min each in 2 sessions

— Cycling for 90 min broken to 45 min each in 2 sessions

— Only salads/Soups for Dinner minus the dressing. [It sucks but worth it]

— A big glass of milk for breakfast

— Fruits at 11am and 4pm.

— No food beyond 8pm

— 3 chapati’s, dal and lotsa salad in the afternoon.

— No gym for one day a week

For a few days now I am on a crash diet [i know it is unhealthy but I have 2 weddings attend and lots of pressure to look great]

— 800 cal diet [I actually count all that goes in me]

— Swimming for an hr in the evening.

— Gym for an hr before the swimming session

— Pranayaam in the morning.

— Warm glass of water with some lime juice twice a day

— Fruits/salad/soup/dal and rice for lunch.

— Milk for breakfast

— Good Dinner at 7.30 pm [yesterday i had 4 slices of pizza]

Well after all this work I have lost 2 dress sizes and feel super comfortable to walk out in shorts for dinner.

I have never felt soooo better!


9 thoughts on “And I did it

  1. Oh Gosh..!!! lots of guts i say…. once upon a time used to do all these.. but good work πŸ™‚ keep it up \m/ … all the best πŸ˜€ waise do u really get Pizza’s in afrikaa πŸ˜› (i’m serious)

  2. ya really, its excessive, I mean, LiVe Life. It seem as its all so sequenced and planned. One advise, like no gym one day a week, try one day without a schedule, this will add to your JoY.\m/:)

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