Things I want to do before 2010 ends

1. Drop at least 1 dress size

2. Help an absolute stranger

3. Write a long letter to my parents to tell how much I am hurting

4. Send wedding gifts to all my married friends

5. Think twice before taking a decision

6. Give love a chance or atleast flirt for a change

7. Meet all my Good friends: Taniya, Andy, Subbu, Parthiv, Sanketh, Nakku, Surbhi, RJ.

8. Take a trip to somewhere with my sister

9. Meet up as many great friends I made on Twitter as I can

10. Clean the chit chat section at

11. Get another fabulous pair of shoes

12. Help at least 2 people who cant meet 2 square meals a day.

13. Cook an ambitious meal for a group of friends.

14. Write thank you notes to atleast 5 people who have made a difference in my life.

15. Catch up with few long lost friends.

16. Get the much awaited tattoo.

I guess the list can get longer as time goesw by ๐Ÿ™‚

Make your own. Lets give OUR life a chance and direction.




7 thoughts on “Things I want to do before 2010 ends

  1. Interesting!
    You can and should do 3 and 6 today itself. Don’t think twice now.
    Please be kind enough to let me know how you go about doing number 12.
    I’m also quite curious about the outcome of number 16!

  2. very inspired by your to do list, will definitely bring out one of my own..u r magical with words…

    keep penning down ur thoughts…

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