Kinds of love

During my short stint at the mother of all planets aka planet earth I have been fortunate to see a few kinds of love :). Life is amusing, erratic and to top it up it is also culpable. On the other hand, love is heart-rending, plesant, cherished, loathed and also is a testimonial of personal feelings for another human beings/things/animals.

So coming back to the topic, let me help you idenify the kinds of love in your life:

  • Puppy love-
    • Sentence: “Awwww! I love the way he looks at me. My cutie pie”, exclaimed Anita at the mention of Manoj’s name by his friends.
    • Nicknames: Angel, honey bun, babyface, blossom etc.
    • Where can it be found? : Schools, colleges, offices…. I will be damned if you don’t find it EVERYWHERE.
    • Condition of the affected parties: New love, infatuated, both are on cloud nine.
    • Critic’s opinion- This is the real eye opener. You start believing in LOVE, you trust the person, you want to be with him ALL the time, it is break from the heavy-duty books, nagging friends and the allied.
    • Suggestions for the couple: Make the most of it. If you are heart broken, this can be a refreshing break 😉
    • Suggestions for the friends: Stay away, behave yourself and give them a break.


  • Possessive Love-
    • Sentence: “I heard you talked to Nakul. Why was he hugging you so tight? I have told you I don’t like it.”, screamed Manoj at Anita.
    • Nicknames: Here nicks seem to vanish somehow.
    • Where can be found: They are discreet. But when agitated, can be found anywhere.
    • Condition of affected parties: The possessive is paranoid and the possessed is choaked. It can be an abusive relationship too.
    • Critic’s opinion: Dear possessed, please run far far away. The possessor thinks you are his/her property. Try to maintain a distinct line in the relationship.
    • Suggestions for the couple: Discuss, take couple therepy, seek help, don’t be oppressed, love is meant to be cherished- Keep it that way 🙂
    • Suggestions to the friends: Any behaviour that you believe is NOT right, please point it out to the couple. Offer help, but do not fiddle with the topic, nor give wrong suggestions.
  • Ex- Love-
    • Sentence: “I checked her facebook status, she is happily married.”, Manoj reminded his friends after 3 years of their break up. Or “Anita is always my first love, no one can take her place.” said Manoj to Divya [the marriage prospect].
    • Nicknames- Slangs mostly. But if someone else uses the words you use, the agitation is unbearable.
    • Where can be found: Usually after drunk soujourns, the heart brokens texts, call, wail, create a scene etc.
    • Condition of affected party: If the person who has moved on does not know about the other person, he/she lives happily ever after. In case they know, they are always worried about the consequence, turbulation the heart broken party may cause etc. The heart broken person is depressed, extrapolates evrythihng, may even scheme, hurt himself etc. There are normal cases too where the heart broken person refuses to move on, but does not hurt himself or others.
    • Critic’s opinion: This is a critical condition. Usually the person is in denial. Even if he/she does not harm they are hurting really bad.
    • Suggestion for the couple: Try to part on a good note. If it is not possible, keep your other better half well informed [in you can]. If even this is not possible, try talking to your ex and explain how important the new person is in your life and you would not want to hurt him/her.
    • Suggestion to the friends: Please do not fuel the anger. Read the hurt pattern and nuances; try to remove the elements that increase the pain.
  • Childhood sweethearts Love:
    • Sentence: “Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.”
    • Nicknames: Usually people get comfortable with the names that are used over the years, it can be the names used during the puppy love.
    • Where can be found: Happily settled in their lives even if not prefessionally then atleast with each other. They have come a long way, we all have such examples in our lives and all we can do is be happy for them.
    • Condition of the affected parties: They are in harmony with each other. They understand the needs, wishes and hopes of the other person. Each has fine-tuned the other to make the journey of life a smooth ride.
    • Critic’s opinion: Here even the critic shall wish for a love like this.
    • Suggestion to the couple: Let the love flow and make it contagious 🙂
    • Suggestion to the friends: Kuch seekho gadhon 😛

5 thoughts on “Kinds of love

  1. Thats a really deep post with great sense of humor
    and i think few more catagories can be added
    like professional love
    repected love ( one is too caring and other is too devotee kind)

    Moreover which competition? i also want to participate in some blogging competition

  2. Heyy really nice article,,
    Liked da statement-Critic’s opinion: Here even the critic shall wish for a love like this.
    Lagta hai inn rahon se aap guzar chuke hai…;)

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