The GD cheat sheet

I have always loved this topic.

Here is my take on the GD-

* Be a team player and leader as and when situation arises

* Reason it out, dont just say things off the cuff, it might come back and bite you :biggrin:

* Break the topic in parts and then try to find the meaning

* It is not about how many times you say/talk in the GD, it is about how much impact you make. For the impact you need: statistics, knowledge of the subject, a good pitch and the desperation for the seat in the b school.

* Be assertive and not aggressive

* Listen even if you have fake the interest, look interested.

* Body language counts: don’t slouch on the chair, lean a lil forward while listening, maintain eye contact, no chopping hand signals, no finger pointng, no asking people to shut up :p

* If you have a shock statement, maintain the sanctity of it by quoting the source.

More on PI when I reach office


11 thoughts on “The GD cheat sheet

  1. One more thing out of the many things to follow (I have loads of assignments and this is the perfect place to spam):

    Look and act serious. Even if you know the ins and outs of the topics, don’t laugh at others. Show some respect.
    e.g. If topic is “Perversion in guys”, don’t laugh at points like – “Not all guys are perverts. Deep inside its all got to do with hormones”.
    Don’t fall prey to temptation to laugh at the speaker and say things like “What do you know of perversion? I have always been a pervert!”

  2. Points to remember.. will certainly help the next time i am in a gd :). .. and puskar sir made an “icing on the cake” addition..

  3. – Dont get too emotional or personal while talking.
    – Encourage others in the team to suggest their views ( would indicate that ur a team player )
    – Take a few mts to decide which side do you wanna go with and then speak up.
    – Try to put across all the positive aspects to ur views.

  4. Control not just your tongue but also your hands!
    They must not waver out of your chair. In my B GD, we were sitting in a round table fashion. A guy made literally disruptive hand movements. The result: the bottle of water fell down on the table. Thadaaaaaaak!
    Thank God, the bottle cap was on… nahi to table-sheet kharaab ho jaati aur panel ki holi ho jaati… (thereby making it a Holi-Sheet).

  5. sahi kaha .. gd is a systamatic process of delevering , communicating. and summerised. way of presenting ur thoughts, ideas.and being a team leader.. team leader is a characterstics which diffrenciate leader from his follwer– has to be a team member— hahhaha 3 idiots kii tarah sab detail me hona chaiye

  6. Sach bolo nahi likha.

    Acting karne ka koi fayda nahi

    Jo bhi lagta hai bolo

    Politically right hone ki tension na lo.

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