Aah the pain called Matrimony Profile :|

Fortunately or unfortunately I am registered on a Matrimonial Website. I see it as one the last few rays for the love torn ones 😛  On a serious note, its a business on its own. My learning’s are:

  • Never trust the pics
  • Never trust the message the parents write while “Expressing Interest” in your profile. The guy might be a complete jack ass
  • Do not hide the bad experience from your parents
  • It is OKAY to talk to 2-3 people simultaneously 😉
  • Share the “Funny” About me’s with your friend…they deserve a good laugh.
  • Be clear with what you want. Do not compromise.

Hmmm…..shall put in more later…!

BTW here are a few funny about me’s 😛

“I dont think dat I’m different from others, m just like other boyz….but dont knw why whoever come across me I have heard from them dat m vry diff… diff frm other boyz ,,in thinking n attitude.hmm…may be possible…!!
I try to adjust wid d situation,surroundings & people wid maximum effort i can do….but then also if things dont go well..den i leave it…!!

I always stick to my heart’s decision…n watever i do i do it frm my heart….i never use my brain…because i dont have brain so. u can easily find me anywhere like orcut just type sachin singh from delhi.I never make fake relations with anyone…n take my time to mixup with anyone….but once hurdle is cleared.thanks its all about me want to know more meet me and explore.”

Introducing oneself can get difficult at times, but somehw it goes like this —
well i am decent .career oriented and soft spoken . life for me is more than just few words. I am looking for compatible match for myself who is professionaly qualified and ambitious. I am working with Central Govt in R&D in IT/Networking field as Engineer.
i did B.E form top ten Engg college in India. Future plans Include an MBA probably form US or any reputed institute from India.
Personality traits includes being Smart, Active, Enthuthiastic and Carreer oriented. I am a good Speaker and have been appreciated at times for my speaking skills.
Hobbies include Sporty activities , hang out with friends and reading. i like listening to soft rock and English classicals.
we are originaly from Mathura UP ,, ancestoraly,, but was born in Punjab ( Ludhiana) and had got more of me like a Punjabiand also had been brought up and had all my education form Delhi only. Ours is an all Educated Family, with all respects for tradational , cultural and modern values.
we dont beleive in Horoscopes and Castes. I am strictly against DOWRY practices. Girls Qualifiaction and Nature is the only area of concern for me.
Father Working In Central GOVT. as officer nd mother earlier a teacher now a housewife. Elder sister is M-Tech from Delhi and currently workin with a german based MNC as senior engineer. Younger sister also an engineer(software/IT) is working with US based MNC.”


Pinksocks 😛


5 thoughts on “Aah the pain called Matrimony Profile :|

  1. Stupid donks!! (salesman hai most of them)..hee ..hee
    … my fav ” i never use my brain.. as i don have one”

    One song which is coming to my mind.
    ” batana bhi nahi aata, chupaana bhi nahi aata”

    If you wanna try some one, just convince him to join Poh and then explore him..hee..hee

  2. “life for me is more than just few words.” – so true for the last guy.

    Best of luck PP. Though I seriously hope you find someone in real life than on net.
    Awesome blog!! :cheers:

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