I am my tomorrow…

A certain series of events my life recently have made me think. Thinking is a chronic disease but sometimes a valuable one. We are often faced with “Situations” that force us to choose between:
Right or wrong?
today or tomorrow?
casual or serious?
What ultimately wins is the kind of person you are. Celebrate this victory by keeping up what you truly believe in. Be trusting and be trusted. Life is unfair, but its unfair for others too.
Depriving yourself of simple things to get something more complex is a sheer waste of what one life can give you. Hiding behind something that is irrational and cumbersome is not only unwise but also non-rewarding.
Sleeping over a few things only makes you enjoy things, moments and people. A non chalant life will never be rewarding. Peeking from the veil is also an experience, dislike it first but then teach yourself to find the happiness.

Cheers to more that we can get from this life!!


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