Relevance Lost…

There are times when we feel…. “I wish I had said this at that time…” or “I wish they had told me about this that very moment than keeping it for later..”. Clarifying the mis understandings there and then is a better option than bottling it up!! All it does is results in widen the gap caused due to mis match of emotions.

Choosing correct words at the correct pitch is also of grave importance. Generally the tone used defines the emotions going through your mind. One more thing that matters is that No matter what you say or do, once the harm is done it is a permanent damage.

I have learnt one thing for sure… it up if you know what you are going to say is going to hurt the relationships. It is there binds that help you cruise through life easily!

More on this later…….its been a topic close to my heart for a long time.


6 thoughts on “Relevance Lost…

  1. One more thing that comes here is understanding, if understanding is not there, no matter what you do the relationship will be like a virtualistic illusion.

    My thought:

    The ones who leave were never really with you and the ones who really are will never leave you.



  2. Nice! I think this thought will guide at least one action that I will take today. I will make ammends for something I said, I dont know if it really “hurt” someone, but maybe offeded him/her.

  3. I’m too bad with this ‘conveying the right meaning with the right words’ just choose to shut the fuck up…. which means that i’m practicing this art lesser and lesser by the day… and which means that i’m going from bad to worse at this!!! 😀
    talk about vicious cycles!!! 😀

  4. There’s another philosophy…it’s about thinking a step ahead. Let’s assume that you don’t want to express your thoughts to a person X. If you don’t speak your mind, it’s highly possible that your thoughts might spring out of your sub-conscious at some futuristic point of time (not necessarily directed towards the X, but towards someone who knows you two) and find their way to the ears of X.
    The damage done when X hears it frorm a third person will be much more than the damage done when he hears it from you.
    So better speak your mind!

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