There are times when no matter what you do…the onus of someone else’s’ deeds falls on your shoulders. How justified it is? I know its all subjective…but the burden that comes with it is unbearable. Its huge to be borne and too private to be shed.
What do we do then? Do we carry on day by day and deal with things as they come up? Or we throw up our hands in the sir and say I didn’t do it.
What if someone in question is ones own parents? How can we look through them?? Looking back at how things have been from my childhood till the age of 24, I feel being a girl child has always been not a very welcome sight.
You may be a dutiful daughter, apple of father’s eye but the degree to which being a girl is taken for granted is huge. I have many fond memories but the take away I think is a failed family structure. I have kinda lost hope in myself of being capable to keep up a family of my own {if I have one}.
There are many dreams that we see but all of them don’t come true….
All I know right now is I have a long way to go…and this too shall pass!



6 thoughts on “Amen!!

  1. A failed family structure…umm…. I think you have hit the nail right on the head with reference to the Indian middle-class at least. And don’t you think it’s no one who we can point out to be responsible for this? It’s almost like something which has been passed on from one generation to another.
    But the least we can do is to make conscious efforts to eliminate any such vibes from our respective families once we start them. And for that, we must not lose hope at all. Come on, you are going to be the victor at the end, every single one of your dreams will come true!!!!

  2. I wrote a similar post once…but was made to delete it… How much difference does 3 years make? I wanna know coz I’m 21 🙂

  3. I totally agree with abhishek. A reform starts from ‘I’ . It is we who have to reform first for the society to reform. Future generations will appreciate our judicious outlook towards life and will follow it. nice post pp.

  4. Hi Pallavi,

    I must say that you have masterfully answered your own questions…and needless to say…its wonderfully presented…I have made the following positive observations from the post…which perhaps you have masked… 😉

    1.Confidence can only come after you make the effort…not before it…

    2.Nothing on this planet…works untill you force it to…

    3.Have faith…keep looking forward…and be positive…God gifts everyone!

    Most people are just most others…all of them have long ways to go…and by God’s grace…it passes!


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