Here i am writing about presentations….well many of you must be thinking what makes ME of all the people write about them? Am i qualified enough to write about them???

well the answer is..YES! I am well read about the Topic due to the fact that I was a trainer for Soft Skills at PT Education for a year!!

coming on to the mail issue faced by IBSAT Aspirants at PG and otherwise is how to conduct oneself at a  Presentation….what tips can be handy….Here is my pick of a few of them:

  1. Dress well
  2. Reherse
  3. Stand Straight
  4. Face the crowd or look in thin air right above their heads…READ…NOT AT THE CEILING
  5.  when faced with a question….politely respond…but before that…LISTEN
  6. Do not eat up words..pronounce well.
  7. do not stoop ur shoulders
  8. make a brave opening can e a famous quote or any strong point
  9. make sure ur slides flow like water..without any hiccups!!
  10. be a little creative…
  11. dont put many statements at the slide.
  12. do not read it all from the slides…any one can do it…
  13. take good and genuine examples
  14. quote the sources of the examples

more later…

got to rush for a meeting!!!


8 thoughts on “Presentations

  1. Pallavi with your permission!!!!!!

    4. …………or at the floor

    15.Smile at times during the delivery…

    16.Dont loose eye contact …

    17.Be confident…you are the (wo)/man!

  2. Hey Pallavi,

    I think we don’t need the slides to accompany the micro presentation for the class of 2011’s selection process.


    1. Hey….
      then how will the Micro Presentation happen?
      is there an elocution?

      the IBS Site read the folowing:

      Each candidate has to make a presentation on a selected topic for 5-7 minutes. The list of topics will be provided in the selection kit. The weightage for the Micropresentation is 20% in the admission.”

  3. 6 topics have been sent to each candidate and we need to be prepared with all the 6 topics alloted, we are not suppose to use OHP slides or a power point presentation, as you mentioned this is going to be similiar to an elocution

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