Punjabi Wedding Part 2

Well….Food in the middle name of the Punjabi’s, in my opinion. I dont remeber eating Toast twice for all the breakfasts that i was there. There was a variety to choose frm….From Musli to non veg cutlets, to mushroom on toast to parantha to everything one can think of to eat for breakfast.

There was a log book for the menu of food to be served on days before and after the wedding. Each course was well defined with the quantities put up in place. I volunteered on various ocassions to go shopping for the groceries 🙂

The amazing food cooked by the guy hired for the job was a HIT!! 🙂

Coming to the Dance classes….it was one of the best moments that  could find to connect with the Cousin’s, neices and nephews. Fun filled, Enjoyable, thrilling…we were in Splits laughing at the expressions the kids gave to the songs! 😀

Being the coreographer, I was expected the Teach dance to one of the Bua’s, the kids and the Sister in laws :D. Hence i was in demand and also had to source the songs and make them simple for everyone to pick up.

Every night, we used to sit with te Dholak….and sing the wedding songs 🙂 I enjoyed them too. They are too funny! trust me when i say that. From U.P. Songs to Punjabi songs all mean different things but at the same time conveyed the thought that the Bride to be shall no longer be around the House, leaving most of us teary eyed! 😦


2 thoughts on “Punjabi Wedding Part 2

  1. Punjabi weddings are something to write home about. Your description does remind me of my cousin’s wedding. Its an awesome and an unforgettable experience. Very well written..

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