Punjabi Wedding!!! {Part 1}

Today i redeem myself of the aweful amount of workload by writing a post that is close to my heart!! I recently attended the wedding of my cousin, im extremely close to her and Love her a lot. Congratulations Puja Didi and Abhijeet Jeej! 🙂

The wedding was on 29th. I left for Delhi on 25th night and reached at 11 p.m. The atmosphere at home was sleepy 😛 Cant blame anyone the brats were just beginning to arrive. Since i had had a long day myself, i decided to hit the bed. Next morning after all the courtesies were over {meeting the extended family} I sat down to think what special has to be done for  the baraat that arrives on 29th morning.

This reminded me of the shopping I had to do for my sister…. I wanted to pick up Kaliras that match her wedding dress. A kalira is a sign of blessings to the bride to be.


I took off to pick up a few other things from the tailor and on the kalira shopping spree. By the time I was half way, i got a call saying kids back hoome were expecting me to come soon so that I can start the dance lessons…Jeez …i didnt plan nething about it!……

Finally i found the kalira and the pooja thali for the Baraat welcome at the hotel.

….more later! Stay glued 🙂



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