Losing or letting go!!

Certain events in our life leave us NUMB and make us putting on the thinking caps. You tend to avoid the topic even in your dreams let alone with people who want to help you get through it.

Passing the buck to the readers i would want to know when we lose someone forever….as in some one really close to you expires will you call it Losing or Letting go??


4 thoughts on “Losing or letting go!!

  1. well well there is some difference between this. I hope u r not converging both of them in one.. they make two different sets though sometimes mutually exclusive ..n sometimes intersecting..

    u loose ppl but still u keep them with u.. its like u carry them ..be it memories or what not..n when u give up all these small parts then its letting go..departed!

  2. You might lose, that is not in your hands. But letting go often is upto you. In the form of memories and thoughts, the person will always remain with you, if you were so close. As time passes, letting go will not mean separation or estrangement, it will only mean coming to terms with their absence, and learning to carry on with a part of them alive in you.

  3. You cant let go until and unless you want to. But you can lose somebody even if you don’t want to. Though letting go might be the toughest thing to do, but sometimes it becomes essential for one’s existence. And letting go does not mean you don’t think about that person ever again, but remembering the good times you had with him and hope he is happy wherever he is.

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