Life Less ordinary

A Life less Ordinary


The Journey of a Simple Graduate to Post Graduate to Working Professional.



From writing entrance exams to clearing IBSAT, to appearing for the Micro presentation to clearing the Interview, the joy in the voice of the loved ones when we cleared IBS Hyderabad gave us a sense of achievement. We packed our bags for Hyderabad leaving many hearts heavy.


Cut to ICFAI Tech, 3 in a room accommodation, no porters to lift your bags to any floor you are on, boys and girls mess separate, girls hostel shut at 9.30 pm, yes that’s where we landed up on the first day. The parents grew frantic looking at the make shift arrangement. Slowly things settle down and here comes the first event that the Class of 2008 put up, Masti Ki Pathshala. We saw the faces of talent in our batch; it was an evening to remember. The open theater got all of us not only close but also was the foundation of a journey not to be forgotten. The sections in first semester were like a group of inseparable lot.


The season of packing starts again, we were being moved to OUR campus, another issue to be managed by the batch. The boys were helpful enough to lift the bags and mount on the top of the top of the buses. We were steered through something that looked like a Jungle to this huge place that consisted of 2 unfinished buildings, a mess and far from completed academic block. The accommodation was 2 in a room. Slowly we all got engrossed in the academic and non-academic activities and some how gave up complaining. It was our place and it is we who make it or leave it alone. May be sub consciously we all decided to make it, to give it a character. One day the announcement of the fresher’s party came out way. All the 13 sections were divides into 4 clans- Mughals, Aryans, Nizams ands Rajputs. This is the time when the competition sunk in us; it was not only to be the best but also to make it an event to remember.


After the first semester exams, we headed to our homes; but even when we were home we longed to come back to the place that was now our home.

Series of lectures, presentations and cases followed but we could sneak in enough time to cash on the new found freedom. Oh and not to forget we got the Single occupancy and Internet too.


Cut to Nov 2008, we lost two friends in an accident. Jasmine and Prabuddha, May Lord rest their soul in peace. Yet again the batch stood but the grieved and gave extended our strength to them.


Semester two called for Summer Internship opportunites with the different organizations. We all wanted the best, to say the least. Internships gave us an opportunity to find which field suits our personality and interest. Many of us were focused and knew where do we see ourselves, but many were still in doubt. The internships gave us a bird’s eye view of the way the industry flows through the departments that we were a part of. Another season of grades, reports and presentation ended.


Cut to semester three- the season of specializations was here; trust me to find the best combination from the available subjects is a task on its own. We all got over this also. But suddenly we realized that we are sharing our COLLEGE with new faces. Then it struck us that the Class of 2009 was here. So we got a little jealous and took trips of the new comers, without offending them much.


It was our turn to give them a Frehsers Party, the planning and negotiations kicked off and we had a grand celebration by the end of it all. Semester three gave us new friends who may be a part of our line of business and industry. Now comes the baap of all semesters, Semester Four, PLACEMENTS and more PLACEMENTS. These words were ringing in our ear day in and out. The dream companies, profiles, package and et al were here. All we had to do was to be patient, give it our best and be happy for others or coax them. Anxiety and tensions grew by the end of October and many of us were still not placed. The process continued till January until then most were placed.


The season of separation was about the set in when we saw the cupid strike hearts of many. Congratulations to the happy couples who are married and are soon to be married. The farewell was more fun them teary eyed though all had their share of tears and private emotions. The Class of 2009 gave us a really great farewell and this called to the day when we finally packed our bags to leave for our homes… This time FOREVER.


Today we all sit in our corporate space and only remember the moments that will never fade in time to come.


The circle is not complete my friends, we shall be close no matter what, just a hand needs to be extended and there will be many who will hand hold you and help you through!!!



Ideas contributed by Raj Vardhan Bagaria

Written by Pallavi Puri


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