Sept 17, 2008

Last night a lot  of events happend in my life simultaneously.

1. got my favourite flowers…a hige bunch

2. went to have good indian food… 🙂

3. turbulations with some one close 😦

4. confused feelings of my loved one 😛

5. a super cute birthday cake 😀

6. super sweet surprise gift 🙂

7. 46 missed calls….

8. the speechless moment of joy

9. handling tears of someone you care about.

10. waking up with a body ache and fever 😦

11. struggling to get water in the bathrooms 😥

12. endless calls from people who care.

13. messaging people who didn’t call 😛

14. trying to complete the office work between the endless calls and messages 🙂

all in all it was a very mixed experience….but i am grateful to God for these small blessings. i am really lucky and blessed 🙂


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