It’s My Birthday Week @—-

Birthday week as described by URBAN Dictionary:”The week surrounding ones birthday when they SHOULD get any wish they desire and all of their friends and family should bow to all of their whims of fancy.” HUH!! lame 😛

For me its the anticipation of the most important day for me {of my life} MY BIRTHDAY. I love to be remembered and to be pampered. Hence my friends spoil me to all lengths. 😀 Its really fun in a way but to some it sounds stupid. I mean how can something that makes you happy be not-so-intelligent?? I don’t get it!!

Neways….so My Birthday is on Wednesday and 4 of the most adorable people in my life religiously wish me everyday :D. told you my Friends spoil me :P.

All in all whay is a birthday week supposed to mean….If i were to plan a birthday week for some one….i would take each day one by one and plan some surprise…It need not be expensive at all….slipping a note, writing a letter, card, balloons, small things that show i care… 🙂 Come on everyone deep down loves to be taken care of…

I feel birthdays should always be made special!! Enjoy yourself….dont be alone {Its a crime according to me}

I even go at lengths to message my friends on my birthday eve to remind them about the same 🙂

last year i celebrated my birthday at my college…MAN what a day 🙂 there was cake all over me….i was stuffed with PURE TRUFFLE cake inside and out….PHEW!!! i will surely miss a lot of people this birthday 😦

neways….I got a lot of stationery for this birthday 5 colored pens, a coloring book, crayons and colorful post it’s and not to forget the CARD HOLDER…it was grrreat. Thanks to Ashish for the lovely mail and the gifts.

More later got work to catch up with.



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