Learnt from life…….

Time i have spent on Earth is not too much but,i know i have a lot of things to say:

1. Take up a hobby, turn it into a passion and give it all it demands. It will reap benefits later in you life. Trust me it does.

2. All events in your life happen for a reason, good or bad, fair or unfair, great or pathetic.

3. Keep a pet or a plant in your house, it will show you your true self. {as a person}

4. Make your own mistakes, leading a cautious life is not so challenging.

5. Love someone with all your heart, even if it hurts later on.

6. Never keep secrets from your best friends…we all need an outlet.

7. Recognise your mistakes before its too late.

8. Make a lot of friends but keep only a few very close.

9. Your parents may not make the right decisions from your point of view, but you have to go behind the scenes and support the decisions.

10. Keep someone really dear, as in, your life revolves to provide better life for that loved one.

11. Dont let yourself fall prey to vices, cast a boundry for yourself, its for your own good.

12. Listen to what the people  who care about you have to say, but do what you think is right. Be responsible for your actions and take informed decisions.

13.  Treat others as you wish to be treated.

14. Compliment things that you like in people.

15. Learn to tolerate different things, people and situations.

16. its not always easy to describe what you feel and think. Its normal.

17. Make a difference in some ones life.

18. no matter what you do,  you will land up judging every person that crosses your way {that’s the way we are made up}

19. Do something to channelize the anger, else when the volcano erupts…it will wash away a lot of lush patches too.

20.  Do something wild once in a while.

21. You will be put to task no matter how neatly you may conceal your not so worth mentioning life events. 😀

More Gyaan Later!!!


11 thoughts on “Learnt from life…….

  1. I guess this list is truly a list of the reality of life…these facts cannot be ignored and we all know it even if we do not want to face the truth
    Nice post

  2. i follow most of them… sometimes with some variations… so i’m glad i’m in line with most of what u said…
    great read, with some practical insights and no sentimental horseshit

  3. @amynabi
    im glad you liked it 🙂

    horseshit!! wait till i call u tonite!!
    i am proud of you coz u think i am right.
    and i am proud of me coz i am right…
    life is great {at least for now} 😛

  4. Hi Pallavi,

    I went through your blog by finding the link from PG..

    This post is really very encouraging..I am feeling like copying it

    and reading it over and over again whenever I feel low..!!

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