Of Heartbreaks

I was talking to friend about his love life…when he asked me how to get over heartbreaks?? And trust me I was talking like a “Guru” or “Pro”. πŸ™‚

I actually came up with a list of heart breaks:

1. where you have to part on a bad note {swearing never to cross each others paths or else he/she will have broken bones}

2. where you part on a good note {you meet up and say, “what crap! do u think we are going the right way?” , and you get a good reply and follow the life yet to be uncovered}

3. where you are optimistic to the core {you expect a change of feelings or heart in the near future}

4. where one of you or even both are confused to understand what you want

5. the addicted kind…..man i dont know how people deal with so many things

6. infatuation turned attraction turned one night stand turned affection turned LOVE…..haan aisa bhi hota hai!!!

7. i love you but WE as a couple are not acceptable to my family heartbreak

8. pessimistic heart break where you lose on your loved one every time, and one fine day he/she is so tired of picking up your pieces, leaves for good.

9. i know you love me but i cant return it back heartbreak

10. its-too-good-to-be-true heart break {such kind of people think love cant happen to them, when it does they think i dont deserve it so easily}

and etc etc etc….trust me these are not hypothetical issues….these are cases i know of {i am an eternal agony aunt}

Why does love have to face an end? Why cant the situation be crystal clear in our head before we break a heart or land up breaking ours. I heard that when you love with all you have, true love finds you. But sometimes, no matter what you do…..love does not wish to stay….it refuses to come your way. or if it does..it leaves you with a heavy heart and a perpetual dismay of sorts.

Dedicating this post of 3 people i know who must read it and most of all to myself!!



9 thoughts on “Of Heartbreaks

  1. @ Vaz..
    lets think again…fron the bottom of the Heart….is love really a hole…
    if i look at it positively….its a hole that is filled with compassion and affection…
    if i dont look at it optimistically…i would say…yeah Love Sucks!!
    But love is not like that its a very pure feeling that one has for anyone…parents, pets, spouse, children, grand parents, lovers, even non living things like my ellu, moti, simba, crimson, tapori πŸ™‚
    love is just love

    @ manish
    thank you…
    compliment graciously accepted!!

  2. hmmm a nice analysis… you seem to have witnessed a lot of pain… you can add this one… i love you, but i cannot handle the pressure of keeping you happy..kind of heart break

  3. Hey you can add one more..!!

    “I love you but you deserve something better..”

    what the heck is this.. I really hate this line..!

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