Birthday Gift…

My dad asked me..” What do you want for this birthday?” Can you imagine…i could not think of anything…. I was it coz i dont want anything or i have what i want or the fact that  i am taking care of myself for sometime now that i feel asking for something is like being unable to do it for yourself.

Its note-worthy to find that as our age progresses, or rather as we progress in different stages of life and career, our view towards things changes. We become a lot more independent, but does that mean that we should STOP looking forward to things others can do for us? Considering the small example of the birthday gift, I actually felt really bad for making my parents feel as if i dont need them.

I am leaving for Delhi in 2 weeks from now, and my dad asked if i want to use his card to book the tickets? I said no Dad, I am doing fine, I will manage. Do the new phases in our life lead to huge changes in the way we approach things in life? Is it OK to behave so independently? Im i hurting feelings by doing so?

I am yet to find an answer to this….



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