I Post…

I Post …got it from one of the random blogs….picked it up and now im tagging..

I am: Simple someone, who wants to make a mark in everyone;s life she is a part of. I hate to be avoided and taken for granted.
I think: kidding me..i wish i “Think” and then do most of the things i do 🙂
I know: hard work NEVER goes unrewarded and tomorrow is a new day ALWAYS.

I want: a permanant membership to Hershey’s chocolate world, my loved ones near me, a warm snuggle after a long day, a dog, more calvin and hobbes.

I have: faith in God, love for others and emotions to express.
I wish: life didnt suck the way it does 😦
I hate: two faced people and siuations where you cant do anything. also times when you know its wrong, but u cant let go!!
I miss: school daysand college {IBS}, my dance teacher and classes. my family {all together, not like now, in 3 diff cities}
I fear: losing relationships, being let down after investing so much faith, time, energy and love.
I feel: really cold….i cant stand cold {didnt know what else to write}
I hear: what i feel is the truth.
I smell: good { adidas tropical orange..love it }
I crave: for-chocolates, my loved ones touch, my dog’s cute expressions
I search: for nothing..what has to happen will happen.
I wonder: what will i turn out to be!!

I regret: hasty decisions.
I love: the terms i have with sooooo many people in my life….its a unique bond with everyone!!
I ache: to see old people on the streets..i hate it completely
I care: for my friends and family, for street children
I am not: immature when time calls for maturity.
I believe: i can.
I dance: from the first song on the damce floor to the last one.
I sing: huh!! dont sing.
I cry: when words fail…when i feel over whelmed.
I don’t always: am goodie too shoes
I fight: most of the times, but cant stay mad at some one {proviede its the usual dhishum dhishum}
I write: whatever comes to my head 😛
I win: coz people let me  win or my work lets me win.
I lose: my faith and heart easily.
I never: smoke.
I always: try to keep in touch.
I confuse: dreams as reality.

I listen: to allll sorts of music, am an agony aunt too 🙂

I can usually be found: reading calvin or cooking or eating chocolate
I am scared: of reptiles {aaauugghhhhh}
I need: affection, the feeling of being look after.

I am happy about: the fact that my family is settled and we have come out of the situations gradually.

i tag Waves and sand and delta1….go on fellas!!


21 thoughts on “I Post…

  1. hehe…it reminds me of those slambooks we filled up before we left school 🙂 i will surely do it…just give me some time…

  2. simple…blue signifies the descent of NIGHT:my fav part of day..and hence my fav color..im hoping you`ll answer the pink part!

  3. well….my focus is on the sock more than the Pink…the day i started the blog i was wearing pinksocks…
    so there it goes!!

  4. well…its a compliment enough to know someone is spending so much time on my blog… 😀
    sure go ahead…tell me!!

  5. For 1. I find yr blog…interesting…like the commandments for men… and 2. IT wrk doesnt go down too well with me.

  6. hehehehe…
    about the Men thing…trust me i have researched well… 🙂
    IT im in thins industry 🙂
    HR stuff..i was teaching interviews and stuff…for MBA prep.
    hence i got the Gyaan to share…

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