The Divide….

There are times when we all face a transperent barrier in personal and professional lives. Its very difficult to make that out unless you are really affected by it. The thin line causes a lot of differences in the perceprions we make about events and people in general.

There is a lot of difference between the Techies and Functionals, for an example. It may not be competence wise, but it is there work wise. both the groups tend to stick with the alike kinds. But a gesture of mingling, should not be avoided!! Thats what we think….does not happen in the Practical world. You are shoved away politely, without even you noticing.

Can we do something to reduce this margin?? Awaiting insights.



2 thoughts on “The Divide….

  1. Yeah .. usually techies r much less social ..than other groups of ppl …but its not really that they dont want to get along with them …it comes naturally to them ..and then others simply dont bother …[:)]…so it kinda …jus happens !! 😀

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